Notes from "Cradled In Glory: Georgia Military Institute 1851-1865" by Gary Livingston

The book primarily deals with the cadets and their activities during the war, but both David Dobbs and David J. Dobbs show up in a couple of lists in the book. In the center of the book there is a copy of a list entitled the "Officers and Members The Kennesaw Dragoons" F.W. Capers, the commandant of GMI in 1861 is listed as Captain of this unit and in the list of Master Privates is D. J. Dobbs. This unit appears to be a very small cavalry troop that was formed in the very early days of the war.

On page 47 it says "In Marietta, most of G.M.I.'s faculty members and local alumni joined area citizens in units such as the "McDonald Guards", the "Kennesaw Dragoons", or the "Marietta Rifles". Capers was appointed Captain of the Kennesaw Dragoons". Below that is a letter that Capers wrote to General Wayne in Milledgeville asking for the state to send arms to the newly formed unit. The letter is dated Jan 14, 1861. I've searched the Internet for the "Kennesaw Dragoons" and I've found nothing.

Page 61 lists Ellison A. Dobbs as head of the commissary department of GMI during the war years (1861-1864)

In the back of the book there are copies of information regarding GMI.
David J. Dobbs is listed in the freshman class of 1853

In the "Roll Of Cadets Arranged According To Merit In Conduct For The Year Ending June, 1853" David J. Dobbs is listed as number 82 with 77 demerits. This puts him in the later third of the list. The cadet with the most demerits had 262.

David J. Dobbs' father, Col. David Dobbs, is mentioned twice in the book as a founder and on the Board of Trustees for GMI from its inception in 1851 to at least 1857.