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"And who's to say where the harvest shall stop?"

-Robert Frost
Gathering Leaves

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et37 Digging Roots Gathering Leaves as a project, began as a labor of love over ten years ago, but the work that it represents actually started nearly thirty years ago... et12 Finding The Long Lost In Finding The Long Lost, I describe how I came to learn things regarding the Dobbs and Prothro families that my own mother did not know...
et8 My French Connection In My French Connection, I describe my involvement with a group of fellow researchers who were interested in the French who settled in Ohio and who helped me greatly in researching the Gaume family... et70 A House Divided In A House Divided, I present the Bannon family and then follow this with a discussion of the impact of the American Civil War on my ancestors...
et86 Brick Walls & Puzzle Pieces In Brick Walls & Puzzle Pieces, I discuss the frustration and rewards researching the Kollros, Spiegel, O'Malley, and Gaume families... et66 Small World, Isn't? My research efforts regarding the DeBacker family are described in Small World, Isn't It...

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The Pickering Project
While we are not 100% certain of the connection between our "Della Pickering" who married our "Frank Gaume" in 1867 in Wisconsin and who died in June of 1868 with the "Cordilla Pickering" listed as marrying a "Frank Guam" and dying at a young age in Michigan, I would be remiss in not recording what I have been able to learn of the Pickering family who first appears in Salem, Massachusetts, is later found in Central Massachusetts, and is then traced down into Pennsylvania and the old Northwest. I could very well be "barking up the wrong tree", but I believe that unless you follow all possible leads and search for the truth as far as you can possibly go, even if means creeping down blind alleys and stepping through mine-fields of genealogical controversy, you never will find the actual truth.
Royals 2012
This is another Gathering Leaves sub-project and there are two reasons as to why it is called "Royals 2012". First of all it is a work in progress and secondly the foundation of the data shown here comes from a gedcom file produced nearly twenty years ago. The gedcom file entitled ROYALS.GED was compiled by Denis Reid and carries a creation date of 20 NOV 1992. The file has made quite a number of rounds on the internet since it was first published on 25 December 1992 and as hence the file sometimes goes by the name ROYALS92.