Luc François Jeanin-Gaume

M, #1022, (1774 - 1860)
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Relationship=2nd great-grandfather of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
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Luc François Jeanin-Gaume was born on March 26, 1774 in Mambouhans, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France.1,2 He was the son of Jean Claude Jeannin-Gaume and Marie Agnès Nedey. He married Marie Therese Pequignot, daughter of Francois Joseph Pequignot and Anne Marie Grosard, on December 27, 1802 in Mambouhans.3,1 He died on March 3, 1860 in Montécheroux, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France, at age 85.4

Luc François Jeanin-Gaume was also known as Luc François Jannin-Gaume.

The Napoleonic Era.

Between 1792 and 1803, Luc François Jeanin-Gaume served in 20e Demi-Brigade during the Napoleonic Wars. His unit saw action at the Vars River during the 2nd Italian Campaign and at the Battle of Wurtzburg. He was stationed at Nice, France, part of the time.5
Before 1796 and prior to the revolution (1792) the unit that became the 20e DBdeL in 1796 and later became the 7e Regiment d'Infantrie Legere in 1803 was titled the Chasseurs Du Gevaudan (Nr 10). The 20e Demi-Brigade was distinguished in clashes at Sulzbach where they beat off a charge by Austrian calvary (17 Aug 1796), was present at the Battle of Wurzburg (3 Sep 1796), and was distinguished in clashes on the Var river [Italy] (22-27 May 1800).6
A reference to the 20th demi-brigrade is found in "Correspondence de Napoleon I" (pub. 1853) in a letter from Napoleon to General Berthier dated 11 germinal an IV (31 Mar. 1796) regarding the Garrison of Nice. "La 15e demi-brigade, au lieu d'tre organise Lantosca, le sera Nice, ou elle se rendra, aussitt que la 20e demi-brigade sera organise la gauche on pressera les mouvements ncessaires cette organisation : on fera partir de suite de Toulon le 2e bataillon de la 7e provisoire. Elle produit. . . . . . 759 hommes." (The 15th half-brigade, instead of being organized in Lantosca, will be in Nice, or it will return, as soon as the 20th half-brigade has been organized; with the one on the left beginning the movements necessary to this endeavor, the other will go on to Toulon and become the 2nd battalion of the 7th provisional [division]. That makes..... 759 men.) These orders were issued in preparation of Napoleon's 1 st campaign in Italy.
He received the Sainte-Helene medal, awarded to all surviving veterans of the Napoleonic wars by Emp. Napoleon III, in 1857.7

Life in Montecheroux.

The family of Luc Francois Jeanin-Gaume appears in a number of civil records in the village Montecheroux beginning with the birth of his eldest daughter in 1803 where Luc Francois occupation is listed as mason (maon). In the birth record of his second child, Marie Julie, in 1809 his occupation is listed as saloon keeper (cabarretier). From 1813 until his death in 1860 at age 86 his occupation is continually listed as couvreur (roofer?, tiler?) The name Jeanin is very common in Franche-Comt and in Burgundy (also Bern, Switzerland). The name Gaume is rare and may be German or Austrian in origin (Swiss?) In 1772 the town of Montecheroux was in the Principality of Montebiliard, a possesion of the Duchy Of Wurtemburg. In 1793 French revolutionary forces invaded and "liberated" Montebiliard . In 1801, Napoleon officially annex Montebiliard to France through the Treaty of Lunville.
He was a mason (maçon) in Montécheroux about 1803. He witnessed the birth of Jean Baptiste Francois Xavier Jeanin-Gaume on June 22, 1807 in Montécheroux.4 He was a saloon keeper (cabarretier) in Montécheroux about 1809. He was a tiler (couvreur) in Montécheroux from 1813 to 1860.
Death Record Of Luc Francois Jeanin-Gaume (translated from French): "In the year 1860, on the afternoon of the third of March, before us, Jacques Schom, mayor and registrar of the government of the commune of Montecheroux, canton of St Hippolyte, department of Doubs, there appeared in our town hall Joseph Hippolyte Farque, age of 31, son-in-law of the deceased, shoemaker, and Pierre Vienot age of 66, a (friend?) of the deceased, farmer, both residents of Montecheroux, to inform us that Luc Franois Jeanin-Gaume, age of 86 (quatre-vingt six) years,tiler, who resided in Montecheroux had died on the present day at 8 o'clock this morning in Montecheroux. He was born in Mambouhans, son of the late Jean Claude Jannin-Gaume and the late Marie Agns Ndr(?), who spent their lives working and living in Mambouhans. He was married to Therese Pequignot, 78 (soixante dix-huit) years old, who is without employment and lives in Montecheroux. After we were informed of the death we drew up the present death certificate that the witness then signed after it was read to them."4
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    This website presents information regarding the Sainte Helene's medal. Created in 1857 by Napoleon III, it rewards the 390,000 soldiers still living in 1857, who had fought with Napoleon I during the 1792-1815 wars.
    Luc Francois Jeanin-Gaume, father of Jean Baptiste Francois Xavier Jeanin-Gaume, grandfather of Frank Gaume, g-grandfather of Della Gaume DeBacker, was born 1772 in Mambouhans, Doubs and died March 03, 1860 in Montecheroux, Doubs, France.
    He was..
    20 yrs old when France declared war on Austria in 1792
    22 yrs old during the Reign Of Terror in 1794
    24 yrs old during Napoleon's 1st Italian Campaign in 1796
    26 yrs old during Napoleon's campaign in Egypt in 1798
    28 yrs old during Napoleon's 2nd Italian Campaign in 1800
    30 yrs old when Britain and France signed a the peace treaty of Amiens in 1802
    30 yrs old when he and Marie Therese Pequignot were married about 1802 (their first child was born in 1803).
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