Marie Angélique Voisard1

F, #1037, (1783 - b 1850)
Marie Angélique Voisard|b. 6 Feb 1783\nd. b 1850|p1037.htm|Jean Germain Voisard|b. c 1752|p1071.htm|Marie Angelique Lachat|b. c 1750|p1074.htm|Jean J. Voisard|b. c 1710\nd. 29 Oct 1755|p1072.htm|Jeanne A. Jourot|b. c 1732\nd. 5 Oct 1783|p1073.htm|Jean P. Lachat|b. 27 Jan 1716\nd. 1 Apr 1773|p1075.htm|Marie A. Labbe|b. 13 Apr 1715\nd. 1774|p1076.htm|

Relationship=2nd great-grandmother of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
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Marie Angélique Voisard was born on February 6, 1783 in Montécheroux, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France.2 She was the daughter of Jean Germain Voisard and Marie Angelique Lachat. She married Joseph Faivre, son of Jean Pierre Faivre and Claudine Françoise Huot-Soudain, on November 5, 1809 in Montécheroux.1 She died before 1850 in Stark County, Ohio.3

Marie Angélique Voisard was also known as Jeanne Angelique Voisard. Origin Of VOISARD Surname: Voisard - Undoubtedly the nickname given to a character skilful, warned, or to crafty one, misleading (direction of the medieval adjectives voiseor and voisi). The name is especially carried to Franche-Comte. Alternatives: Voisart (59), Voizard (Lorraine).
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