Jean Germain Voisard

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Jean Germain Voisard|b. c 1752|p1071.htm|Jean Jacques Voisard|b. c 1710\nd. 29 Oct 1755|p1072.htm|Jeanne Antoine Jourot|b. c 1732\nd. 5 Oct 1783|p1073.htm|Jacob I. Voysard|b. est 1690||Agathe Pretot|b. est 1690||Jean Jourot|b. est 1700||Barbara Denie|b. est 1700||

Relationship=3rd great-grandfather of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
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Jean Germain Voisard was born about 1752 in Montécheroux, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France.1 He was the son of Jean Jacques Voisard and Jeanne Antoine Jourot. He married Marie Angelique Lachat, daughter of Jean Pierre Lachat and Marie Anne Labbe, on May 30, 1774 in Montécheroux.1,2

He was mayor of Montécheroux from 1815 to 1826.3
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Child of Jean Germain Voisard and Marie Angelique Lachat


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