Camille DeBacker

M, #126, (1905 - 1906)
Camille DeBacker|b. 25 Sep 1905\nd. Jul 1906|p126.htm|August Vital Francois Joseph DeBacker|b. 12 Aug 1863\nd. 23 Jun 1921|p21.htm|Della Gaume|b. 21 May 1868\nd. 3 Oct 1923|p444.htm|Vital E. L. DeBacker|b. 28 Nov 1835\nd. 2 Jan 1918|p32.htm|Hortence DeDonder|b. 31 Mar 1840\nd. 25 Jan 1923|p33.htm|Francis Gaume|b. 12 Mar 1843\nd. 9 Oct 1917|p445.htm|Della Pickering|b. c 1848\nd. 2 Jun 1868|p446.htm|

Relationship=Brother of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
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RelationshipSibling of Ancestor
Camille DeBacker was born on September 25, 1905 in St Marys, Pottawatomie County, Kansas.1 He was the son of August Vital Francois Joseph DeBacker and Della Gaume. He was baptized on September 26, 1905 in Immaculate Conception Church, St Marys, Pottawatomie County, Kansas.1 He died in July, 1906 in St Marys.

As of 1905, Camille DeBacker was also known as August Caesar Camille DeBacker.
Camille died when he was 10 mos. old. The family story is that he choked on an eggshell while under the care of a housekeeper. Apparently the poor woman was so hysterical and she did not know what to do to save the child's life. However the St Marys Star (7/26/1906) list the cause of death as spasmodic laryngitis.
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