Louis De Wadripont

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Relationship=4th great-grandfather of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
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Louis De Wadripont was born after 1709. He married Maria De Backer.

The name surname DE WATTRIPONT (DE WAUDRIPONT) comes from the town of Wattripont located about three miles south of Renaix in the historic County of Hainault. The lords of Wattripont were at one time also the lords of Renaix. The following history of the lords of Wattripont comes from a book written in French and published in 1882:
I. GUY DE WATT TU PONT, the first known of this family, lived in 1130. He was among the advisers of Count Baldwin IV. He married [Mahaut de Renaix] daughter of Lord of Ronse in 1133. Guy and his brother Iwain gave the Abbey of Saint Aubert Oambray twelve mencaudées of land located near Bertre. The same is mentioned by Iwain Outreman died in the years 1139. In 1142 Iwain signed as a witness a charter by which Baldwin confirmed to the abbey of Saint Denis in Brocqueroie the village of that name which he gives privileges include an annual fair. Guy had two sons: 1) Guy (IV) and 2) Thierry who was lord of Cordes, Arcs, Ogimont etc.
II. RASS de WATTRIPONT, gave in 1161 to the Abbey Ghislenghien two bonniers of land located at Ghoy dedicated to the soul of his mother Gertrude. This donation was confirmed by Pope Alexander III in 1179.
III. GERARD DE WATTRIPONT went to Mons in 1183 to rescue Baldwin, Count of Flanderes, in the war which he undertook against Godfrey, Duke of Brabant. In 1188 he was witness to a duel which took place in the same city between Robert de Beaurain and Gerard de Saint-Aubert. In 1191 he was also witness to a gift made to the abbey of Saint-Pierre of Ghent by Mathilde, lady of Oudenaarde and his son, Arnold.
IV. GUY DE WATTRIPONT - knight & lord of Wattripont accompanied Philip of Alsace to Palestine, he died there about 1191 and his wife Mathilde de Pamele died in 1201.
V. OTHON DE WATTRIPONT - Lord of Wattripont, Lord of Cordes, of Ronse, etc. swore fealty to laws and ordinances of Baldwin, Count of Hainault in 1200 and was a great friend of Count Ferdinand. It was he who obtained from Thomas, Count of Savoy the weapons of his brothers(?) Thierry and Guy who died in Palestine. He died very old in 1242 and married Alize de Leuze daughter of a provost of a Doornik. In 1230 his son Jean de Wattripont was abbot of St. Nicolas des Pres in Tournai.
VI. GERARD II DE WATTRIPONT, lord of Wattripont, Amougies, Ruissen, Ronse etc. married Mahaut, daughter of Baldwin Count of Flanders. In November 1240 he exempted the town of Ronse and all the inhabitants from the sengurial system and granted them the right to marry without his permission. In return he demanded that Renaisiens each year would be required to pay tribute to recognize as their former status. It is in memory of the fact that the inhabitants of Ronse perform the annual procession of St. Hermes each Trinity Sunday and provide to the lord of Wattripont a cake which features two hands intertwined. This cake is immediately sent to Tournai and thence to Paris where it must appear the day after on the table of the Count of Bethune who now (1883) owns the old manor of Wattripont. Monsuier Bataille, author of historical research on Ronse, said that the cake is offered to the lord of Wattripont in memory of a serious quarrel that occured once between the Lord of Wattripont and the Baron of Ronse. The trial ended amicably and that the said lords gave themselves the hug and the hand as a sign of reconciliation and friendship. The opinion of the author is that the Baron wanted simply to prove that the Lord of Wattripont was not the supreme magistrate of Ronse. In 1256 Gerard II de Wattripont is witness to the letters by which Sir John d'Oudenaarde had inherited from Arnould de Mortagne, lord of Tournay a fief situated at Kain. At the same time lived Wattier de Wattripont, knight and master of the castle of Baurevoir who married in 1260, Beatrix d'Aubencheul, which he had two sons, Hugh and Jacques around in 1298. A donation was made by them of an an orchard to the abbey.
VII. GILLES DE WATTRIPONT, knight and lord of Wattripont married Mahaut de Trazegnies. In 1282 they ceded to the Pierron de Woulestrade and Henri Minne, bourgeois of Ghent everything that they owned in Ronse, the Abbey of St. Corneille d'Inde. The sale was made through the sum of 400 francs. In May 1294, because of the huge debts which Gillekins Wattripont of their nephew had incurred, Gilles de Wattripont and Gerard, lord of Cordes, both knights, sold to Guy, Count of Flanders, the manor of Ronse and all the rights which belonged to it. PIERRE WATTRIPONT, brother Gilles, died in 1350 and was buried in the church of Récollets.
VIII. JEAN DE WATTRIPONT, lord of Wattripont and governor of the chateau de Lille, married Isabeau de Wallincourt, lady of Witham by whom he had 1) Arnould (IX below) and 2) Jacques de Wattripont who married Méhault Dumes. He died in 1400 and was buried in the church of Récolets in Tournai.
IX. ARNOULD DE WATTRIPONT, squire and lord of Wattripont married Mary de Vilain October 6, 1421. He died at Tournai December 12, 1442 and hey were buried in the church of Récollets in Tornai. They had two sons 1) Pierre (X below) and 2) Jehan who was buried with his wife in the church of Récolets at Tornai.
X. PIERRE DE WAUDRIPONT, squire and lord of Wattripont. In 1340 he was one of five notable citizen who was assigned the nightwatch during the siege of Tournai by King Edward III of England. He married 1) Marguerite, Prevost de Campinghem, daughter of Thierry. 2) Jacqueline de Maubray. Pierre died in 1390 and left children of his two marriages, the eldest is Jean (XI below) and the second William (Guillaume) was killed at Agincourt in 1415.
XI. JEAN DE WATTRIPONT, squire and lord of Wattripont married Jacqueline d Antoing and was followed by his son, Jean (XII below).
XII. JEAN DE WATTRIPONT, squire and lord of Wattripont, was also an alderman of Tournay. In 1448 he married Isabella de Hamaide and had a son Roland (XIII below)
XIII. ROLAND DE WATTRIPONT, lord of Wattripont, lived in 1450 and married Marie Mouton dit de Harchies, daughter of Jacques, lord of Harchies and Gertrude de Noyelles.
XIV. JEAN DE WATTRIPONT, knight and lord of Wattripont, was son of Roland. He married 1) Bonne d Agincourt and their children were a) Arnould (XV below), b) Jacques, lord of Foresteau de Thil who married first, Agnes, and married second Waudru Lefebvre. The children of Jacques and Waudru were i) Antoine a knight of Jerusalem who died in Cyprus, ii) Jacques who was a monk of the Abbey of St. Ghislain, iii) Baudin who died at Valenciennes in 1520 and is buried in the church of Saint-Géry, iv) Arnould lord of Foresteau de Thil who died in 1565, v) Margaret who married first John Desplancques, Baron of Chaureble and second Jean d'Aubermont, lord of Ribaucourt. She died in 1583 and was buried in the chapel of Notre Dame side of the chapel of the church of Saint Brice at Tournay.
XV. ARNOULD DE WATTRIPONT, knight and lord of Wattripont married Isabel de la Douve. In 1526 he attended the rededication of the relics of St. Hermes, patron of the city of Ronse. Philip de Wattripont married Magdalene de Bonniers. Philip's wife died March 17, 1573 and was buried in the church of Saint-Piat at Tournai.
XVI JACQUELINE DE WATTRIPONT, daughter of Arnold inherited the lordship of Wattripont at the death of her father. In 1578 she made a donation of three hundred francs a year in perpetuity to the church Wattripont dependent maintenance of a chaplain in charge to say Mass daily. She died in 1591. After the death of Jacqueline de Wattripont the lordship of Wattripont went to her cousin Catherine a daughter of Jacques de Wattripont, lord of Foresteau de Thil. Catherine married in 1534, Jean Levaillant.1
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  1. [S406] Société historique et archéologique de Tournai, Memoires, Volume 17 (Paris: Causterman, 1882). Hereinafter cited as Memoires, Volume 17.