Hermes Van Coppenolle

M, #1388, (1510 - 1570)

Relationship=9th great-grandfather of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
Last Edited=20 Aug 2009


RelationshipEnd-of-Line Ancestor
Hermes Van Coppenolle was born in 1510 in St Martin Church, Renaix (Ronse), Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium.1,2 He married Pieryne Satyns.2 He died in 1570.2

He was an ancestor of Arnauld Francois De Backer and Sophie Françoise Callewaert.
Hermes Van Coppenolle who was born in Ronse in in the early 16th century is undoubtedly related in some way to Jan Van Coppenolle, the 15th century leader of a Flemish uprising against the Hapsburgs. Jan Van Coppenolle lived in Ronse in the 15th century and under his leadership the people of Gent in 1487 kept Maximilian, then Duke of Burgundy and later Emperor, prisoner in Brugge for four months in order to regain the rights of liberty of the city. Between 1490 and 1492, Van Coppenolle led a revolt of the town of Gent against Maximilian and following a siege of 2 years was obliged to surrender. Jan Van Coppenolle was beheaded 16 June 1492. It is said after this tragedy the family moved back to Ronse where many descendants live today.3,4
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