Leopold Joseph DeBacker

M, #15, (1921 - 1996)
Leopold Joseph DeBacker|b. 28 Apr 1921\nd. 16 Jan 1996|p15.htm|Leopold Joseph DeBacker|b. 21 Oct 1894\nd. 19 Oct 1966|p12.htm|Geraldine Getrude O'Malley|b. 2 Apr 1892\nd. 29 Mar 1955|p13.htm|August V. F. J. DeBacker|b. 12 Aug 1863\nd. 23 Jun 1921|p21.htm|Della Gaume|b. 21 May 1868\nd. 3 Oct 1923|p444.htm|Patrick A. O'Malley|b. Jan 1851\nd. Jan 1925|p41.htm|Mary A. Hooks|b. c 1856\nd. 29 Jun 1929|p42.htm|

Relationship=Son of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
Relationship=Son of Geraldine Getrude O'Malley.
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RelationshipSibling of Ancestor
Leopold Joseph DeBacker was born on April 28, 1921. He was the son of Leopold Joseph DeBacker and Geraldine Getrude O'Malley. He died on January 16, 1996 in Champaign, Illinois, at age 74.

Leopold Joseph DeBacker lived at Champaign.
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