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Relationship=Son of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
Relationship=Son of Geraldine Getrude O'Malley.
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David DeBacker c. 1946


David DeBacker was born on October 26, 1928 in Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska. He was the son of Leopold Joseph DeBacker and Geraldine Getrude O'Malley. He married Dorothy Patricia Dobbs, daughter of James Monroe Dobbs Jr. and Dorothy Kollros, on June 5, 1954 in Washington, D.C.. He died on March 16, 1983 in Sherman Oaks, California, at age 54.

David grew up in Hastings, Nebraska and attended school there up to his teens. He attended high school at St. Regis, a private boys school in Denver, Colorado. After he graduated from high school in 1948, he returned home, but shortly thereafter left for Chicago were he enrolled in art school. This was David's beatnik years where he acquired a taste for alcohol and jazz. His time in Chicago only lasted about two years and he return home to Hastings around 1950 and briefly attended a local college. It was shortly after this that the Korean war began and David was drafted.
He served in the US Army during the Korean war and was stationed at Taegu air field for a brief period. It was while he was there as a supply sergeant that he injured his back. The story goes that he was supervising a gang of North Korean POWs as they unloaded crates of tools from a truck. While he and one POW were carry one of the crates of the truck, the POW and all of the other POWs suddenly stopped what they were doing and stood at attention as if by some pre-arranged sign or code. The POW, who was carry the crate with David, dropped his end of the crate and as a result David hurt his back. It was an injury that he carried for the rest of his life. The upside of this was that David was allowed to leave Korea and was sent to Japan to convelese. It was while he was in Japan that he became interested in Japan culture and history. Later after he left the army he went to Georgetown University on the GI Bill and majored in history with his primary focus being the history of Japan. He attended in Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., from 1952 to 1955. He received an bachelor of science degree in history. He attended in St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, in 1955. Received a masters degree in hospital adminstration. In 1956 David DeBacker and Dorothy Patricia Dobbs relocated in Fort Worth, Texas. He was a hospital administrator from 1959 to 1981 in Texas. He resided in Studio City, California, in 1983.
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