Desne Aime Victor De Backer

M, #512, (1839 - )
Desne Aime Victor De Backer|b. 28 Sep 1839|p512.htm|Arnauld Francois De Backer|b. 19 May 1794\nd. 1870|p448.htm|Sophie Françoise Callewaert|b. 17 Oct 1802\nd. 4 Feb 1854|p449.htm|Andreas De Backer|b. 1751\nd. 8 Feb 1812|p514.htm|Anna M. Van den Daele|b. 1762\nd. 14 Feb 1827|p515.htm|Jean B. Callewaert|b. 6 Feb 1763\nd. 5 Apr 1834|p551.htm|Marie J. Haustraete|b. 1764\nd. 11 Oct 1815|p552.htm|

Relationship=Granduncle of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
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RelationshipSibling of Ancestor
Desne Aime Victor De Backer was born on September 28, 1839 in Renaix (Ronse), Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. He was the son of Arnauld Francois De Backer and Sophie Françoise Callewaert.

He was a Catholic Priest in Mater, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium, from 1893 to 1904. According to an article published in the St Marys Star 1911 entitled "Rejoice In Golden Jubilee", Victor DeBacker, brother of Vital DeBacker was a Catholic priest. The article describes the 50th wedding anniversary of my gg-grandparents Vital and Hortence DeBacker. From Frederic Thomaes (2003): "I was last week in the archives in Renaix (Ronse) an I found an inventory written by Herman van Isterdael, Marc Decrits, Emmanuel Vercaemst and Guy Gadeyne : "Familie- en persoonarchiven", published in 2001. There are 30 pages about the De Backers !... All the archives about De Backers were given in 1966 to the Archives of Renaix by the parish priest of the village of Mater. Victor de Backer was parish priest of Mater from 1893 till 1904."
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