Andreas De Backer

M, #514, (1751 - 1812)
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Relationship=2nd great-grandfather of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
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Andreas De Backer was born in 1751 in Renaix (Ronse), Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. He was the son of Judocus (Joos) De Backer and Joanna Catharina De Wadripont. He married Maria Catharina Josepha Mollaert, daughter of Joannes Andries Mollaert and Francisa Braeckman, on January 21, 1788 in Renaix (Ronse).1,2 He married Anna Maria Van den Daele, daughter of Daniel Van den Daele and Anna Theresia DeDonder, on November 24, 1794 in Nukerke, Maarkedal, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium.3 He died on February 8, 1812 in Renaix (Ronse).

He and Maria Catharina Josepha Mollaert were second cousins as they were both descendents of Gerardus De Backer.
It is assumed by his daughter's birthplace that Andre Debakker lived for a time in the town of Nukirke (Nukerke).
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Children of Andreas De Backer and Anna Maria Van den Daele


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