Jeanne Catherine Delplace

F, #575, (a 1749 - )
Jeanne Catherine Delplace|b. a 1749|p575.htm|d'Heer Anthone Leopold Delplace|b. a 1698\nd. c 1773|p1266.htm|Jouffrouwe Francoise Haustraete|b. bt 1688 - 1698|p1286.htm|||||||||||||

Relationship=3rd great-grandmother of Leopold Joseph DeBacker.
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Jeanne Catherine Delplace was born after 1749 in Renaix (Ronse), Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. She was the daughter of d'Heer Anthone Leopold Delplace and Jouffrouwe Francoise Haustraete. She married Jean Baptiste DeDonder after 1770 in Renaix (Ronse).

Regarding the family of Jeanne Catherine Delplace, a researcher in Belgium wrote me the following:
By the way, I found something about a couple, De Donder/Delplace, in the book of the “Staeten Van Goed”. Following the deed of March 3, 1773, a Marie Francoise Delplace was the daughter of “d’Heer Anthone Leopold Delplace (d’Heer indicates a person of “quality”, but not nobleman – sir) and “Jouffrouwe” (madame) Francoise Haustraete. [Their] children were…Marie Francoise Delplace, deceased yet, was married with Jan (Joannes, Jean) De Donder, and had six children: Jan Baptist, Anthone, Floris, Joannes, Ludovicus, and Marie Francoise… Due to the rare occurrence of the name “Delplace” in the “Staeten Van Goed”, I think Marie Francoise Delplace, married with Jan De Donder, is your Jeanne Catherine Delplace and her child Jan Baptist is your Jean Baptiste De Donder. Only investigations in the parish records can give you a certainty (with the godparents...or other indications).”.1
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