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RelationshipMarriage Only
Helen Mewhinney married James Monroe Dobbs Jr., son of James Monroe Dobbs Sr. and Helen D. Spiegel, on December 21, 1937 in First Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1965 Helen published a book titled "The life history of mother and dad: a factual, chronological listing of the events in the lives of my parents." The following excerpts are from this book.
1935 - That Christmas, Jim Dobbs came from Ft. Worth with me (Helen) to spend the holidays and while he and Melba (Helen's sister) were shooting firecrackers, she got hurt by one of them and had to take a serum for it.
1937 - Mother tripped to ... and in November to Dallas. A suprise awaited her there as Jim Dobbs and I decided to marry on the 21st. Mother, Melba, the D. L. Browns from Dallas, and five Ft. Worth friends, joined us in the Study of the First Presbyterian Church, Ft. Worth, where we were married. Afterwards, Mother gave us a dinner at the Blackstone Hotel.
1938 - (Mother and Dad Mewhinney went on an extended trip to MN, WI & MI) An elderly gentleman ... gave Dad a cane.... Dad gave it to Jim and his daughter, Jo (Carlin), gave it to me. Christmas found Mother Dobbs (Helen Speigel), Jim and me spending the holidays with them (mother and dad). That year I needed a financial "lift" and Dad and Mother supplied it without solicitation. A letter he wrote me on October 13th said: " ... As I have collected in a little money which I intended to give out to you children this Xmas, I am inclosing your deposit slip for your portion, $1,000, and you can use it as you desire." Dad had sensed a bit of domestic difficulty in my home and he added, "The front door stands open for you in case things do not go well." That reassurance of feeling "wanted" helped my morale 100%!
1945 - On December 1st Jim and I went to Temple to look for a home, since Jim was to be transferred there with his work in Soil Conservation Service. He returned to Ft. Worth on the 3rd and I remained a week longer, looking around during the day for a home, Then returning to Holland each night. We finally bought a two-story place at 1111 North 3rd, which Dad and Mother enjoyed with us on many occasions.
1947 - Family Reunion picture
1950 - March - ... Jim and I were home for Dad's birthday. August - I sued for divorce and I shall always remember how understanding Mother and Dad were. November - On the 17th Jim and I remarried, and on the 36th Mother called and invited us to Holland and we drove down for an hour or two.
1951 - On February 14th Dad had another severe heart attack. Two weeks later Jim was operated on for appendicitis and my frequent visits had to be curtailed for a while. Jim and I did come down to enjoy his birthday with him and he was sitting up some. On May 22nd Dad got up and dressed, for the first time in months. On June 10th Col. Wadden, Cecil Guy, Margaret Acker, Jim and I came to visit with him. (On November 11th her dad passed away.) Someone called Jim and me and we came immediately. ...Mother spent a lot of time with us in Temple. On December 14th she went to San Antonio for the holidays. On the 20th Jim had a heart attack and we spent Christmas in King's Daughters Hospital.
1953 - On Christmas Day I was able to join the family in Holland but could eat very little (had been sick, in the hospital at the end of November.) On the 31th I went to Mother's --- sued Jim for divorce.
1954 - January found Mother helping me pack Jim's belongings. It was a "trying" month for each of us, especially me. March was packing time. Mother helped me pack in Temple for several days and by "piecemeal" we brought some of the most treasured things down a little at a time. On the 22nd I moved everything to Holland.
1956 - On the 18th (January) Jim passed away and was buried the following day in Holland. On June 13th Jo Dobbs came for Jim's belongings. I took the remainder of the things to Pat (DeBacker) in Ft. Worth.
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