John Dobbs

M, #615, (est 1745 - est 1795)

Relationship=3rd great-grandfather of James Monroe Dobbs Jr.
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John Dobbs was born (est.) 1745 in Virginia. He died (est.) 1795 in Georgia.

Some pedigrees indicate that John Dobbs was a son of Josiah Dobbs. He may have descended from the Dobbs family in Middlesex Co., Virginia that appear in records for Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia Marriages, 1653-1812.1,2 He was found on Jury list in October, 1774 in Tyron County, North Carolina.3 He and Lodowick Dobbs resided in Wilkes County, North Carolina, in 1782.4,5 According to a fellow Dobbs researcher, John Dobbs appears on the tax rolls of Wilkes Co., North Carolina in 1782 and is mentioned in a deed there in January of 1784.2 He received a land grant of 324 acres of land on the Savannah river on April 15, 1786 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.6 He received headright grant across the Savannah river from South Carolina in 1787 in Wilkes County, Georgia. He resided in Cedar Creek, Elbert County, Georgia, in 1790. He no longer appears in land records after 1795. He and Nathaniel Dobbs may have been related.1 The following is description of some of the controversy that surrounds questions regarding the origins of the Dobbs families of Georgia:
"I suppose I have been doing Dobbs research longer than anyone else in the family covering the past 47 years. Of the four major Dobbs researchers prior to 1970, I was friend and correspondent with three of them. The one I did not meet was Dr. Carey Dobbs, a chemistry professor at Delta State College in the Mississippi Delta. He may have begun doing research in the late 1920's and had published his findings by the late 1930's. He was a descendant of Lodowick Dobbs through his son, Rev. Silas Dobbs, a Baptist minister who eventually settled in Choctaw Co., MS. Carey Dobbs developed a theory that Fortunatus Dobbs moved into SC from NC and was the father of all the other Southern Dobbs who are found in early census records. But I and David Smith of Wheaton, IL, also a descendant of Lodowick Dobbs through his son, Lodowick Jr., began to seriously examine and challenge Carey Dobbs theory back in the 1970's. We noted that Lodowick has never showed up in the same county as Fortunatus at any time. We started tracking Lodowick in the late 1770's or early 1780's in NC with a John Dobbs. And I eventually proposed a new theory by 1980 that Lodowick was the son of John Dobbs rather than Fortunatus. And no piece of evidence has led me away from that theory in the past 29 years. John and Lodowick were neighbors of the Cleveland family in Wilkes Co., NC through about 1785 and then both families moved to near the SC - GA line about that time. John received a grant on the Savannah River in Pendleton District, SC but moved across the river to Wilkes Co., GA around December of 1786 and remained there until his death around 1795 in Elbert Co., GA which was taken from Wilkes County in 1790. Young Dobbs males who began paying taxes on Cedar Creek in Elbert County were Josiah Dobbs, Silas Dobbs, Lott Dobbs, and Peter Dobbs. Josiah died in Elbert around 1810, but the other three eventually moved to Franklin Co., Ga. My interest in the family comes from the fact that I descend from Lott Dobbs through his third son, Burrell Dobbs who moved to Cherokee Co., GA and remained there until his death around 1870. Over the years I have also developed the theory that Lodowick was the oldest son of John and that Josiah, Silas, Lott, and Peter were all younger brothers of Lodowick. A few years after Lodowick Dobbs died in Pendleton Dist., SC, his widow, Sarah Dobbs, came over to settle in Franklin County, GA on the same creek where Silas, Lott, and Peter Dobbs lived - Hunter Creek. And there Lodowick Jr. married one of Peter Dobbs' daughters. As you may have noticed, marrying first cousins was a fairly common thing back then. So, according to my theory, your John Dobbs, son of Lodowick, and my Burrell Dobbs, son of Lott, were first cousins. Now I think we have enough documentation to support the fact that Fortunatus Dobbs and Nathaniel Dobbs, were related to John Dobbs, father of Lodowick, Josiah, Silas, Lott, and Peter. And we are hoping that DNA testing will provide the support that we are all looking for. I am sure others have better credentials than I do, but I know no one else who has been thoroughly involved with Dobbs history for 47 years. I have taught genealogy in one venue or another at the University of Alabama since 1973 and have worked as a Professional Genealogist since 1978. I served ten years as President of the Tuscaloosa, AL Genealogical Society and have published five family histories. I have seen the Dobbs genealogy as a major challenge through the years and am aware that the best genealogists make mistakes. I am also aware that DNA has no family names written in the genetic code. But with the use of DNA testing and really good research, I believe we may be able to solve some of the problems that we have explored for many years."7
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