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Evan Prothro Dobbs was born on April 17, 1861 in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia.1 He was the son of David Judson Dobbs and Martha Josephine Prothro. He married Margaret Hulda Hahr, daughter of Franz Josef Carl Johan Hahr and Alice Mulvinal Hartman, on October 17, 1893 in Marietta. He died on July 15, 1942 in Marietta at age 81.

He was a senator in Georgia legislature 1907, and 1915, president pro tem. He was also mayor of Marietta, Georgia at one time. He was always called Dick, because as a child he shot at Yankee soldiers with a pop gun and they called him "Little Dixie," then shortened to Dick. Owned a peach orchard east of Marietta, where I-75 now is. 1920 Cobb County GA federal census, E.D. 45 , page 9, copied. Mattie, his mother, living with family, and 5 servants. Buried at St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery, in Marietta, Ga. From the Cobb County (GA) Times, Thursday, 16 July 1942, front page: Evan Prothro (Dick) Dobbs, for nearly a half century a Marietta civic and political leader, died yesterday morning at his residence here following an illness of two weeks. Mr. Dobbs reached the height of his political prominence during his second term in the Georgia Senate when he was named president pro tem of that body. At one time or another he held the positions of mayor of Marietta (three times), state senator (two times), and various other posts of varying responsibility. Volunteer Fireman A charter member of the old Marietta Hook and Ladder Volunteer Fire Department, Mr. Dobbs always took progressive stands in city affairs. Largely due to his efforts the city Board of Lights and Waterworks was established and its duties outlined. Similarly, his years of service in the General Assembly of Georgia was climaxed when his colleagues named him president pro tem of the upper house. In more recent years Mr. Dobbs has been active in real estate circles, owning extensive property at the time of his death. Whenever possible, he worked to secure improved conditions in the real estate transactions in which he was involved. One of his most recent projects was the remodeling of the old street car barn on Church Street. One of his "pet" ambitions was to erect an arcade on the site adjoining the Earl Medford office. When the war and its stringent priority restrictions began, the idea was given up for the time. Educational Interest Mr. Dobbs typified the all-American citizen in every respect in that he worked untiring for the best interest of his community, no matter what profession he entered. The present John McEachern school plant, formerly the old Seventh District A.&M. College, was located in Cobb county largely due to Mr. Dobbs' position and influence. He was also director of the First National and the Merchant and Farmers' Banks here for many years. In business circles, he was engaged in several different enterprises during his early civic life. He was a founder and owner of a local ice concern, a hardware store, and other firms in addition to his more recent real estate position. Even at his somewhat advanced age, however, Mr. Dobbs never shirked public responsibility. At the time of his death he was chairman of the Cobb County Selective Service Board. (Continued on page 10) Since boyhood Mr. Dobbs has been a member of the Marietta First Presbyterian Church. Survivors include Mrs. Dobbs, the former Margaret Hahr; one daughter, Mrs. George G. Nichols, Bronxville, NY; and two sisters, Mrs. Mattie D. Smith and Mrs. Lillian E. Finn, Miami, Florida. Funeral services will be held Friday Morning at 11 o'clock from the residence, 125 McDonald Street, Rev. A.H. Glasure officiating. Interment will be in the Episcopal cemetery and pallbearers will be George Anderson, A.V. Cortelyou, Guy Roberts, J.E. Lovell, Charles M. Brown, and Dr. W.H. Perkinson. Mayes Ward & Co. has charge of the funeral arrangements.1

The Leo Frank Incident.

According to "And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank" by Steve Oney (Pantheon Books, 2003), E. P. Dobbs was involved in the lynching of Leo Frank:

June 1, 1915 A group of 14 prominent citizens from Cobb County attends the commutation hearing to oppose commutation. Many of these citizens will later be involved in the lynching of Leo Frank, including former governor Joseph M. Brown, prosecutor Eugene Herbert Clay, John Tucker Dorsey, former Cobb County Sheriff William J. Frey, Marietta Mayor E. P. Dobbs, Fred Morris, and Bolan Glover Brumby. Clay hyperbolically tells the Prison Commission: "[I]f you commute this sentence, capital punishment might as well be abolished."

Aug. 17, 1915 Today’s The Atlanta Journal carries the headline "Marietta Officials Didn’t Know of Mob" over this statement by Marietta Mayor E. P. Dobbs (now known to have been of the lynchers, having lent his automobile to the lynch party): "I desire in the interest of justice and truth to say that the Marietta and county officials had no knowledge of any automobiles leaving Marietta last night nor were they apprised of the return of any machines today... None of the officials had any intimation of such an undertaking until the body was found about two miles from the city this morning." (see also Cicero Holton Dobbs).2,3


1870Marietta, Cobb County, GeorgiaEvan Prothro Dobbs appeared on the census of 1870 in the household of David Judson Dobbs and Martha Josephine Prothro in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia; occupation listed as farmer.4
1900Marietta, Cobb County, GeorgiaHe appeared on the census of 1900 in the household of Martha Josephine Prothro in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia.5
1910Marietta, Cobb County, GeorgiaHe and Margaret Hulda Hahr appeared on the census of 1910 in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia, - listed in the same household: Emma Hahr Dobbs, Martha Josephine Prothro and Charlotte Christine Dobbs.
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Child of Evan Prothro Dobbs and Margaret Hulda Hahr


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