William Dobbs

M, #761, (bt 1849 - 1879 - )
William Dobbs|b. bt 1849 - 1879|p761.htm|Sulzer Dobbs|b. c 1814|p759.htm|Martha Dobbs|b. c 1830|p691.htm|||||||Jesse Dobbs|b. 1793\nd. a 1850|p687.htm|Mary Prothro|b. 1801\nd. a 1860|p892.htm|

Relationship=2nd cousin 1 time removed of James Monroe Dobbs Jr.
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William Dobbs was born between 1849 and 1879. He was the son of Sulzer Dobbs and Martha Dobbs.

Reprint Of Official Register Of Land Lottery Of Georgia 1827 48th Day's Drawing-May 1. Franklin. Page 149 Fortunate Drawers: William Dobbs, Captains District: Boswells Number: 223 District: 24 County: Lee County.
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