Lillian Elizabeth Dobbs

F, #770, (1899 - 1993)
Lillian Elizabeth Dobbs|b. 12 Aug 1899\nd. 19 Jun 1993|p770.htm|Herbert Clifton Dobbs|b. 14 Jan 1867\nd. 27 Jul 1939|p613.htm|Annie Von Schele Hahr|b. 4 Mar 1870\nd. 15 Sep 1961|p766.htm|David J. Dobbs|b. 14 May 1835\nd. 18 Jul 1877|p462.htm|Martha J. Prothro|b. 2 May 1834\nd. 9 May 1928|p608.htm|Franz J. C. J. Hahr|||Alice M. Hartman|||

Relationship=1st cousin of James Monroe Dobbs Jr.
Last Edited=4 Nov 2001


Lillian Elizabeth Dobbs was born on August 12, 1899 in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia. She was the daughter of Herbert Clifton Dobbs and Annie Von Schele Hahr. She married Richard Massey after 1922 in Marietta. She married Bruce James Millner after 1922 in Marietta. She died on June 19, 1993 in Jacksonville, Florida, at age 93.

Her married name was Massey. Her married name was Millner.
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