William Eaton

M, #116, (1512-1590)
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Relationship=8th great-grandfather of Cordelia Pickering.
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     William Eaton was born 1512 in Rowington, Warwickshire, England. He was the son of Henry Eaton and Jane Cressett. He died in 1590 in Dover, Kent, England.
     This William Eaton is the weakest link in the chain between the Eaton's of Massachusetts and the Eatons (Eytons) of Shropshire. The Visitation of Shropshire, 1623 shows a William (Willimus) as son of Henry Eyton, but indicates for him "s.p." (sine proles) - without issue. The note below the pedigree states that William and others who are listed as sons of Henry Eaton are omitted from the Shrewsbury MS. In the Visitations of Essex (1612) pg 192 it gives a partial pedigree which states that pedigrees for 1612 are the "Same as in Visitation 1558, omitting Roger, Fowlke, Lewis, Edmond, and Nicholas, sons of Henry Eton and Jane (Cressett) his wife, and mentioning their sons, Thomas, Richard and William, as 1st, 2nd, and 4th sons." Also in the Visitations of Essex (1552) under the pedigree of Browne (which it states is the same as Browne #4 in 1612) it has Anne, daughter of Sir Weston Browne and Elizabeth Mordant of Turvey in Bedfordshire, as having married William Eton of Shropshire. No dates are given for this union, but the pedigree for Browne #4 states that Sir Weston Browne was knighted in the reign of Henry VII which would be between 1485 and 1509. Comparing this Browne pedigree in 1552 with the one given for Browne #4 in 1612 is of no help as the names given for the sons and daughters of Weston Browne and Maud Mordant of Bedfordshire are entirely different from the ones listed in 1552. There is also in the "The List of Disclaimed 1585" a William Etton of Pimhill.1,2
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