Baldwin IV Count of Flanders

M, #462, (980-1035)
Baldwin IV Count of Flanders|b. 980\nd. 30 May 1035|p462.htm|Arnulf II of Flanders|b. 960\nd. 988|p464.htm|Rozala (Susanna) of Lombardy|d. 1003|p465.htm|Baldwin I. Count of Flanders|b. 940\nd. 972|p466.htm|Matilda of Savoy||p467.htm|Berenger I. King of Italy||p468.htm||||

Relationship=25th great-grandfather of Cordelia Pickering.
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     Baldwin IV Count of Flanders was born 980. He was the son of Arnulf II of Flanders and Rozala (Susanna) of Lombardy. He married Ogive of Luxembourg. He died on May 30, 1035.1
     He succeeded his father in 987 as Baldwin IV "le Bar-bu/Pulchrae Barbae" Count of Flanders, presumably under a regency considering his youth although the name of the re-gent has not yet been identified. Hugues Capet King of France recognised Baldwin's claim to all of Flanders, including the part previously taken by King Lothaire, and also arranged his mother's second marriage to his son and heir, apparently as a reward for Flemish help when he seized power in 987.1 After Count Baldwin's mother returned to Flanders following her repudiation, France retained Montreuil-sur-Mer which provoked Flanders into joining a rebellion against King Hugues. The result was the return of Artois and Ostrevant to Flanders, although Ponthieu remained with France.1 Count Baldwin established control over the northern part of the Ternois, including Thérouanne, Fauquembergues and Saint-Omer, previously under the suzerainty of the county of Boulogne. He captured the march of Valenciennes from Germany in 1006, but lost it the following year when Emperor Heinrich II invaded Flanders and captured Gent. Count Baldwin subsequently arranged an alliance with the emperor who, in 1012, helped him install a new bishop of Cambrai, enfeoffed him with the islands of Zeeland and, in 1015, with Valenciennes. The emperor, however, invaded Flanders again in 1020, supported this time by Robert King of France. Count Baldwin arranged the betrothal of his son to the French king's daughter to help restore good relations. His son rebelled against Baldwin after 1028. Count Baldwin was forced to take refuge in Normandy, where he married the duke's daughter and from where he returned to Flanders with reinforcements. His son submitted, but his father permitted him to rule jointly.1
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Child of Baldwin IV Count of Flanders and Ogive of Luxembourg


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