Arnulf II of Flanders

M, #464, (960-988)
Arnulf II of Flanders|b. 960\nd. 988|p464.htm|Baldwin III Count of Flanders|b. 940\nd. 972|p466.htm|Matilda of Savoy||p467.htm|Arnulf I. Count of Flanders|b. c 890\nd. 965|p470.htm|Adele of Vermandois||p471.htm|Hermann Bilung Margrave of Saxony|b. 900\nd. 973|p469.htm||||

Relationship=26th great-grandfather of Cordelia Pickering.
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     Arnulf II of Flanders was born 960. He was the son of Baldwin III Count of Flanders and Matilda of Savoy. He married Rozala (Susanna) of Lombardy, daughter of Berenger II King of Italy. He died in 988.
     Arnulf II succeeded his grandfather, Arnulf I, and became Count of Flanders in 964 under the guardianship of his father's first cousin. Taking advantage of the weakness of the county during Arnulf's minority, his uncle Dirk II Count of Holland captured Gent and Waas, and Lothaire King of the West Franks occupied the south-east ostensibly in the role of protector of the young count. To counter the perceived threat from France, Emperor Otto II established marches on the right bank of the river Schelde from Valenciennes in the south to Antwerp in the north. Arnoul's majority was declared in 976. This uncle Dirk, who captured Ghent, was the husband of Arnulf's aunt Hildegard.1
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Child of Arnulf II of Flanders and Rozala (Susanna) of Lombardy


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