Rozala (Susanna) of Lombardy

F, #465, (-1003)
Rozala (Susanna) of Lombardy|d. 1003|p465.htm|Berenger II King of Italy||p468.htm||||||||||||||||

Relationship=26th great-grandmother of Cordelia Pickering.
Last Edited=24 Jun 2008
     Rozala (Susanna) of Lombardy was the daughter of Berenger II King of Italy. She married Arnulf II of Flanders, son of Baldwin III Count of Flanders and Matilda of Savoy. She died in 1003.1
     Sometime between 968 and 976, Arnulf II married the daughter of a former king of Italy. Her name was Rozala, but she is also known as Susanne. She had grown up in the imperial court in Germany after her parents were captured by Emperor Otto I in 963. Her marriage to Arnulf was arranged by the Emperor as an attempt to increase imperial influence over Flanders at a time when the King of West Francia was asserting his own control over the county. After Arnulf died Susanne was married to the French king, but he disowned her and she returned to Flanders were she became a advisor to her son, Count Baldwin IV.1
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Child of Rozala (Susanna) of Lombardy and Arnulf II of Flanders


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