Adele of Vermandois

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Adele of Vermandois||p471.htm|Herbert II Count de Vermandois||p472.htm|Adela (Liégarde) of France||p657.htm|Herbert I. Count of Vermandois|b. c 848\nd. 907|p534.htm|Bertha de Morvois||p658.htm|Robert I. King of West Francia|b. 15 Aug 866\nd. 15 Jun 923|p529.htm||||

Relationship=28th great-grandmother of Cordelia Pickering.
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     Adele of Vermandois was the daughter of Herbert II Count de Vermandois and Adela (Liégarde) of France. She married Arnulf I Count of Flanders, son of Baldwin II Count of Flanders and Aelfthryth (Elfrida), in 934.
     The child of Herbert II and his wife Adela of France whom both Katherine and Anna share as an ancestor, was the daughter named Adele of Vermandois. Her marriage to Arnulf was arranged to seal the alliance made in 934 between her father and her future husband. She was Arnulf's second wife. Katherine and Anna are descended from two children of Arnulf and Adela. One daughter, Hildegard, who was daughter of Arnulf and possibly of another, earlier wife of Arnulf was the ancestress of one line to the two women. One son of Arnulf and Adela, and ancestor to Katherine and Anna, became Baldwin III, count of Flanders.1
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Children of Adele of Vermandois and Arnulf I Count of Flanders