Herbert II Count de Vermandois

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Herbert II Count de Vermandois||p472.htm|Herbert I Count of Vermandois|b. c 848\nd. 907|p534.htm|Bertha de Morvois||p658.htm|Pepin of Vermandois|b. c 815|p535.htm|daughter of Theodoric Nibelung (?)||p659.htm|||||||

Relationship=28th great-grandfather of Cordelia Pickering.
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     Herbert II Count de Vermandois was the son of Herbert I Count of Vermandois and Bertha de Morvois. He married Adela (Liégarde) of France, daughter of Robert I King of West Francia.
      Herbert II Count de Vermandois was also known as Herbert II Count of Vermandois. Herbert II of Vermandois (880-943) succeeded his father c.902 as Count of Vermandois. In 907, Herbert married Adela (Liégarde) of France (bef.898-?), the daughter of Robert I, King of West Francia and his first wife, Alyse.1 In 922, Herbert took part in the rebellion against Charles the Simple, King of West Francia, and tricked the king into capture - imprisoning him for six year. He consolidated his power by arranging for his young son to be made Archbishop of Reims. Together with the forces of his son-in-law, Arnulf I Count of Flanders, Herbert captured a Viking stronghold and following this he forged an alliance with the Vikings by leaving his son with the Vikings as a hostage. Herbert unsuccessfully attempted to capture Laon in 927. In the 930's, a former ally, Rudolph, who was Duke of Burgandy and now King of West Francia, subdued Vermandois and Herbert was forced to submit to the new king. In 939. Herbert joined an alliance led by the German king against the Louis IV, who was now the King of West Francia. Together they raided Frankish territory and forced Louis to renounce his claim to the Middle Kingdom. Together with Hugh the Grand (his wife's half-brother), Herbert besieged Reims and Laon in their rebellion against the king. Upon his death in 943, his territories were divided between his sons by their maternal uncle Hugh the Grand who was Count of Paris.1
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Children of Herbert II Count de Vermandois and Adela (Liégarde) of France


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