Adelaide of Aquitaine

F, #526, (c 945-1004)
Adelaide of Aquitaine|b. c 945\nd. 1004|p526.htm|William III of Aquitaine|b. 915\nd. 3 Apr 963|p538.htm|Adele (Gerloc) of Normandy|d. a 969|p539.htm|Ebalus Manzer Duke of Aquitaine|b. c 870\nd. 935|p540.htm|Emilienne||p541.htm|Robert I (Rollo) Count of Normandy|b. c 860\nd. 928|p847.htm|Poppa daugther of Berenger||p848.htm|

Relationship=26th great-grandmother of Cordelia Pickering.
Last Edited=28 Jun 2008
     Adelaide of Aquitaine was born circa 945. She was the daughter of William III of Aquitaine and Adele (Gerloc) of Normandy. She married Hugh Capet King of France, son of Hugh the Great, Duke of France and Hewige of Saxony. She died in 1004.
     There is uncertainty about the origin of Adelaide. According to one source, she was Adelaide de Poitou, daughter of William III Duke of Aquitaine and his wife Adela [Gerloc] de Normandie.1
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Children of Adelaide of Aquitaine and Hugh Capet King of France


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