Bernard King of Italy

M, #536, (797-818)
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Relationship=31st great-grandfather of Cordelia Pickering.
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     Bernard King of Italy was born 797 in Normandy. He was the son of Pepin King of Italy. He married Cunigunda of Laon. He died on April 17, 818 in Milan.
     Bernard was King of Italy from 810 to 818. He conspired with his uncle Lothair against his other uncle the emperor Louis the Pious. When that the conspiracy was discovered Louis had Bernard blinded and this became the eventual cause of Bernard's death.1 In 813, Bernard married Cunigunda of Laon and they had one son, Pepin, Count of Vermandois, who was born around 815. Pepin, who continued to side with Lothair against Louis the Pious, is believed to have married a daughter of Theodoric of Nibelung. One son from this marriage was Herbert I of Vermandois (c.848 - 902) who was Lord of Péronne and of St Quentin and also Count of Paris. He became Count of Vermandois in 896. For most of time from becoming Count of Vermandois, Herbert was at war with others seeking to take his inheritance. Among his enemies were the Duke of Burgandy, the King of France, and the Count of Flanders. Baldwin II Count of Flanders attacked Vermandois, was driven out by 900 but reconquered it. In 902, Herbert was killed by an assassin in the pay of Baldwin II, count the Flanders.1
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Child of Bernard King of Italy and Cunigunda of Laon


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