Welcome to Royals 2012

This is another Gathering Leaves sub-project and there are two reasons as to why it is called "Royals 2012". First of all it is a work in progress and secondly the foundation of the data shown here comes from a gedcom file produced nearly twenty years ago. The gedcom file entitled ROYALS.GED was compiled by Denis Reid and carries a creation date of 20 NOV 1992. The file has made quite a number of rounds on the internet since it was first published on 25 December 1992 and as hence the file sometimes goes by the name ROYALS92.

The following message is contained in the header of the gedcom file:

In a message to Cliff Manis (cmanis@csoftec.csf.com)

Denis Reid wrote the following:

Date: Fri, 25 Dec 92 14:12:32 -0500

From: ah189@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Denis Reid)


First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

You may make this Royal GEDCOM available available to whomever. As you know this is a work in process and have received suggestions, corrections and additions from all over the planet... some even who claim to be descended from Charlemange, himself!

The weakest part of the Royals is in the French and Spanish lines. I found that many of the French Kings had multiple mistresses whose descendants claimed noble titles, and the Throne itself in some cases.  I have had the hardest time finding good published sources for French and Spanish Royalty.

If you do post it to a BBS or send it around, I would appreciate it if you'd append a message to the effect that I would welcome comments and suggestions and possible sources to improve the database.

Since the Royals had so many names and many titles it was difficult to "fill in the blanks" with their name.  In the previous version, I included all their titles, names, monikers in the notes.

Thanks for your interest.   Denis Reid

I decided to start the Royals 2012 project while reading a couple of books dealing with historical subjects and during the course of my reading finding that I was getting confused and lost attempting to understand the relationship between some of the people mentioned in the books. One of those books was "The Crown of Mexico: Maximilian and His Empress Carlota" by Joan Haslip. One question, for example, was "How was Victoria, Queen of England, related to the Empress Carlota?".

As Reid points out in the message above "weakest part of the Royals is in the French and Spanish lines", so I thought it would be interesting to see what I could do to add to and improve upon the data.  The genealogical software that I use is TMG: The Master Genealogist by Wholly Genes Software. I did not do a direct import of the Royals gedcom into TMG, but rather imported it first into the free-version of Legacy. Prior to import, I used a text editor and made a few minor adjustments to the data such as removing underscores from names, removing the surname from those individuals who did not historically use surnames, and also moving titles to the name suffix tag (NSFX). Moving TITLE to NSFX was primarily done for display purposes and while it does make sense for some entries, it does not make sense for all, and part of the work to done is making those corrections where necessary.

There is a lot of work to be done on this project and as I progress I will be listing major changes here or also see recent.

For those who may be looking for more than what is offered here now, you may wish to visit these other sites listed below:

Wikipedia has a ton of biographical articles on European royalty and this includes genealogy. For example see Genealogy of the British Royal Family.

Brian Tompsett's Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web has been around since 1994 and definitely has a 1994 look and feel to the web site although the last I looked it shows that it was updated in 2005.

RoyaList Online - A Royal Genealogy Database looks interesting.

And the The Foundation for Medieval Genealogy's Medieval Lands - A Prosopography of Medieval European Noble and Royal Families by Charles Cawley is definitely worth browsing particularly if you are looking for genealogy of Royal families going back to the Medieval period.