Hugh Capet King of France

M, #525, (940 - 996)
Hugh Capet King of France|b. 940\nd. 24 Oct 996|p525.htm|Hugh the Great, Duke of France|b. 898\nd. 16 Jun 956|p527.htm|Hewige of Saxony||p528.htm|Robert I. King of West Francia|b. 15 Aug 866\nd. 15 Jun 923|p529.htm|Beatrice of Vermandois|b. c 880\nd. a 26 Mar 931|p530.htm|Henry the Fowler, King of Germany|b. 876\nd. 936|p883.htm|St. Matilda of Ringelheim|b. 895\nd. 968|p882.htm|

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Hugh Capet King of France was born 940. He was the son of Hugh the Great, Duke of France and Hewige of Saxony. He married Adelaide of Aquitaine, daughter of William III of Aquitaine and Adele (Gerloc) of Normandy. He died on October 24, 996. He was buried in St. Denis, France.

He was installed as Duke of France by Lothaire King of France in 960. By 974, Hugh had become effective leader of France under King Lothaire, and headed the army which retook the kingdom of Lotharingia from Otto II King of Germany in 978. He was elected King of France by an assembly of nobles at Senlis 29 May 987, after the accidental death of Louis V King of France.1

Child of Hugh Capet King of France and Adelaide of Aquitaine


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