Elenora Keenan

F, #136, (c 1796 - c 1859)

Relationship=Great-grandmother of Dorothy Kollros.


RelationshipEnd-of-Line Ancestor
Elenora Keenan was born about 1796 in Ireland.1 She marriedPatrick Bannon Sr. about 1818 in Ireland. She married Bernard James Campbell Sr. about 1835 in Ireland. She died about 1859 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.2 She was buried in 1859 in St John Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.3 She was buried on September 5 in St Louis Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. 4

She was the natural mother of four sons, two by her first husband and two by her second husband; and also the step-mother of two daughters. Bernard Campbell, Sr. had two daughters by a previous marriage: Margaret Campbell (b. 1832) and Rosy Campbell (b. 1835). The fourth son of Elenora Keenan was William J. Campbell. He was born in 1839. Her married name was Eleanor Campbell. She emigrated on November 1 from Ireland.5
Origin Of The Keenan Surname: The Keenan clan was part of the Maguire clan in Fermanagh around the 4thor 5th century. There was a split around the the 6th century and many Keenans went to other parts of Ireland mainly Antrim, Down, Laois and Meath. There is a Church in Duleek Co. Meath named St Cianains church which was named after one the first Keenans to settle in Co Meath. Spelling variations include: Keenan, O'Keenan, and others. The name was first found in county Fermanagh, where they were known as the historians for the Princes of Fermanagh, the Maguires.