Nicolas Cuvier

M, #2548, (est 1525 - 1574)

Nicolas Cuvier was born (est.) 1525. He married Blaisine Boissard.1 He died in 1574 in Villars-sous-Dampjoux, Doubs, Franche Comté, France.1

In a book published in 1876, Gérard Cuvier and the daughter of Jean Gauthier are listed as the grandparents of Nicolas Cuvier. It says that they were of Montécheroux and that the name of their son and daughter-in-law, the parents of Nicholas are not known. It says that Nicolas Cuvier was born in Montécheroux and that he died in 1574. "Nicolas Cuvier, a tanner, lived in 1551 at Villars-sous-Dampjoux, in the seigneury of Clémont, which is today the canton of Pont-de-Roide." Of Nicolas and his wife Blassine it says "two characters of honour and virtue and good Catholics."1