Claude Cuvier

M, #2546, (b 1535 - a 1605)
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Claude Cuvier was born before 1535 in Villars-sous-Dampjoux, Doubs, Franche Comté, France.2 He was the son of Nicolas Cuvier and Blaisine Boissard.1 He married Jeanne Boissard in 1540.2 He died after 1605 in Montécheroux, Doubs, Franche Comté, France.2

There is some conflicting information regarding Claude Cuvier. Some sources give his birth as around 1535. In a publication of the Société Nationale Havraise d'études diverses (1876), his birth year is given as 1554. It is said that he was born in Montécheroux and was by profession a tanner. In 1594 he was living in Villars Dampjoux where he was arrested and imprisoned at Dole as a Huguenot. "He was acquitted at the recommendation of the Duke of Württemberg and sent back to Montécheroux. Claude Cuvier having abjured Catholicism embraced reform in the year 1600. From his marriage with N. he had an only son named Jacques." 1
A biography of the 18th century French Naturalist, Georges Cuvier has this to say about his ancestors: Georges Cuvier whose family is originally from Montécheroux, was a great naturalist. There is at the centre of the village the Cuvier family home which dates from 1461. The family can be traced back to Nicolas Cuvier and his spouse Blaisine Broissard who lived in the 16th century in Villars-sous-Dampjoux and whose son Claude, a tanner as was his father, would in 1594 become a refugee in Montécheroux due to religious persecution. Claude Cuvier, dit Claudot, was born before 1535 and who made his will in 1605 and asked to be buried with his predecessors in Montécheroux cemetery. His son Huguenin was born c. 1560 and died in 1610. He was a receveur for the seigneury of Clémont from the town of Montécheroux. Huguenin's son Jacques Cuvier, was born in 1589 in Montbéliard where his parents were refugees at the time of the invasion of the Guise (1588). Jehan Cuvier, son of Jacques, was born in Chagey in 1628 and died in 1675. He was a surgeon, Mayor and Prevost d' Héricourt. David Cuvier, son of Jehan, was born in 1666 and died in 1743. He was a registrar notary and Imperial notary at Montbéliard. Jean-Georges Cuvier, son of David and father of the naturalist Georges Cuvier was born in Blamont in 1715 and died in 1795. He was a career officer in the military. 3