Digging Roots

et37When I first started researching my family’s history, virtually everything I knew of my family history was purely anecdotal. I had no records; neither primary, nor secondary. Everything that I knew came from what either my father had told me of his parent’s families or what my mother and maternal grandmother had told me concerning my grandmother’s family and mother’s father’s family. Over the course of more than twenty-five years, I have learned a considerable amount regarding my family’s history.

It’s All About Me

In the back pages of many books there is usually found a one-page section titled "About the Author" that presents some biographical information on the book’s author. I thought it best that I provide these details up front because in one sense this is "all about me". Along with my two brothers, one sister, and [...]

Putting The Pieces Together

I remember my great-grandmother, Catherine Bannon Kollros. She was in her 90’s when I was very young and she died when I was about ten years old. Her family had lived for over a hundred years in Louisville, Kentucky beginning with the arrival of my great-great grandfather, Richard Bannon and his brother in 1843. Other [...]

It’s Raining Cousins

Over time the data that I collected grew from a small tree that my father had scratched out for me on a piece of notepaper to a fairly large database of hopefully well documented names and events. As of the summer of 2006, my genealogy database consisted of 2,145 individuals. This number may seem rather [...]